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Your Project Online

Viewing_Online_SchedulerConstruction projects are most efficient when the right people get the right information at the right time.  That’s why our unique online project management system is available to you (our client) as well as local building officials, lenders, our architects, subcontractors and suppliers.

Every task associated with your construction project is organized into an easy to read project schedule. Click Here to view an example of a Contact Schedule.

With our online project management system, you can check the status of your building project 24/7, in real time. Any time there is a status change, new photos or documents are uploaded, or when a comment is added to a particular task, that information is available immediately. As our client, you’ll know when each task is scheduled to begin and end, when products need be ordered and delivered, and how the project is progressing. You’ll also receive reminders and helpful suggestions by email and in the project notes. Click Here to view a sample of what your project schedule will look like.

Subcontractors know exactly when their work is scheduled to begin and how much time they have to complete their job. Automatic reminder notifications are sent out several days prior to each task's start date. Project team members can access building plans and specifications whenever needed. Maps to the job site's address as well as local weather forecasts can also be accessed. Your lender and local building officials will find it very helpful to be able to access the system to check on progress and view photo images.


  1. Confidentiality – All information, documents and images are preserved in a safe and secure electronic system and only authorized personnel associated with your project will have access to this information. We keep track of who accesses the system and when.
  2. Timesaver – Your project team can get needed information faster, helping them to complete their work more efficiently.
  3. Faster decisions – Everyone has access to the same information at the same time.
  4. Online “paper trail” – Your entire project is documented online. Questions and answers are input directly online, helping assure that both are clear. With its immediate access to information and electronic search capabilities, the our system can significantly reduce the time needed to research previous communication and documents.
  5. Current information – Because the information is updated online, there is no out-of-date version to confuse people.
  6. Identical Information – Everyone sees identical information. This can be particularly valuable in conference calls when people in different locations need to view information to make decisions. In such cases, new information can even be added online in real time, for everyone to see.