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Design Services

Design Services


There is never a charge for the initial consultation.

Dining_Room_ViewWhether you've been dreaming of building your own home for years or just want to add on to your existing home, we can help you transform your visions into reality. Let us transfer your ideas, thoughts, and dreams into a coherent plan for actual construction. It's one thing to imagine the house you've always wanted, but it's quite another to generate a working blueprint and prepare the specifications to get that structure constructed.

Master_BedroomThat's where we come into the picture. While you can purchase ready-made blueprints off the Internet, these designs reflect someone else's ideas, not yours, and certainly haven't been customized to the requirements of the building lot, yard and local building codes. When you want a new home, addition, or renovation that's all about your needs, wants, and personality, our architects and designers will work with you to create plans that are just right for YOU. Unlike one-size fits all type home plans, we’ll incorporate your vision, budget, and specifications into all stages of the design process. Throughout the design process we’ll construct and update construction and material costs to help you make informed decisions and to be sure that those costs remain in line with your budget needs.


We have thousands of stock plans on file that can be modified, as all stock plans need to be or we can start from scratch. From a design and engineering perspective, we take a comprehensive approach that includes:


The aesthetic appeal, artistic taste, and statement of the design.


How structure and layout accommodates lifestyle and organization.


How the space accommodates people of all ages and abilities.

Energy Efficiency

How the building performs for the least amount of cost.

Health Promotion

How the building promotes health through clean air.

Structural Integrity

Ensuring compliance with high wind zone standards.

Zoning Ordinances

Ensuring compliance with local zoning regulations.

Building Codes

Ensuring compliance with the latest building and safety codes.

Building Method

Considers the most economical means for constructing the building.

Future Planning

Planning future growth now to save money later.


Ensuring that project documentation is complete and accurate.


Incorporating structural, mechanical, civil, and safety engineering.


Design Service Fees


You’ll be surprised at just how affordable our design services are! 

·         When we are contracted to provide complete design/build services, there are no added costs for architectural, design and engineering services as they are all part of the contract.

·         The cost for custom plans starting from scratch or from generic pictures range from $2.00 to $3.00 per square foot, depending on the complexity of structure and details.

·         If we begin with one of our stock plans, and modify those plans to suit your specific needs, the cost may be as low as under $1,500.00, if little modification is needed, up to $3,500.00 with more extensive design modifications.


Designer_M_2_091509Our design services are perfect for:

·         Building design for single family custom homes, multi-family, and commercial

·         Basement, attic, garage conversions and renovations

·         Second floor additions, dormers, and bump-outs

·         Home additions and renovations

·         Kitchen and bathroom renovations

·         Even landscape, deck, and patio design


Our designers are members of the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD). Our architects are members of the American Institute of Architects. And our engineers are members of the National Society of Professional Engineers. They truly represent the best in the business and enjoy outstanding reputations in the industry, particularly with building, environmental and zoning officials. You will not find a more creative, responsive, flexible, caring, or personable group of professionals.

User Friendly

Design_PlansRendering_of_KitchenOur blueprints are accurate and easy to read thanks to state-of-the art CADD systems. We also offer 3D interior and exterior architectural photorealistic renderings that can bring your vision and project to life, in high quality, vivid color, and in stunning depth. Our renderings can include customized lighting effects, texturing, landscaping, neighboring buildings, and objects such as cars, signs and people. For example, is this a photo on the right of one of our kitchen designs after completion? Or is it a 3D photorealistic rendering generated from the design plans and material specifications to illustrate what the kitchen will look like after completion?


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