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Choosing a Builder

When interviewing potential building partners that will help you with your project, use this handy checklist. Choosing a builder partner is the single most important decision you'll make.


Question What to look for About us
How much experience does the builder have? Look for a builder with at least five years experience. It takes time to develop solid project management skills and a reliable network of subcontractors and suppliers. This is especially important in a building boom when competition for workers and materials can be fierce. We have been building homes and commercial buildings for over 25 years.
We have a large and diverse corps of qualified and experienced designers,
engineers, trade contractors,
vendors and suppliers.
What house styles are in the builder’s portfolio? A builder who sticks with only a few styles and material options may not be comfortable building anything else and will limit your choices. We have thousands of home plans from which to choose, and all can be modified to fit your specific needs. We also can work from your plans. There are no limitations
to styles, size, or materials.
How many houses does the builder have under construction at a time? You don’t want a builder who only builds a few homes a year. Oftentimes, these are part-time builders and don’t have the resources to ensure the project goes smoothly. Also, look for builders who are professional full-time builders and not just a tradesman looking to make extra money by building a few homes now and then. They generally don’t have the resources or experience to give you the best service and the most value for your money. We generally build 15 residential homes a year. Our internal staff, project managers, designers, engineers, loan officers, and
large network of dedicated subcontractors provide clients with the personal attention they need and expect.
What size house does the builder routinely construct? If the builder is used to building houses that are 2,500 square feet or less and yours will be 3,500 square feet or more, detailing and logistics will be different. Ask how the builder would handle the differences. We’ve built homes that range in size from 1,400 square feet on up to 22,000 square feet. On average, our projects consist of homes that range from 2,200 square feet to 6,000 square feet.
How soon can the builder begin to work on your project? Begin to work does not mean begin to build. The design and budgeting may take six months, and then the builder will break ground. If the builder can’t begin to even think about your project for six months to a year, you should consider moving on. Our efficient operation and large network of subcontractors allows us to begin your project right away. It generally takes 3 weeks to finalize the plans and to complete the budget. Once the building lot is ready, we can begin clearing and excavation in 2-3 weeks.
Will the builder give you a standard specification sheet? This list should be complete and comprehensive. Look for builders who are flexible and willing to allow you to specify the brand names, model numbers, and other descriptive information for your materials. Also look for a builder who will take the time to review with you every detail of the budget and specification sheet. We provide our clients with detailed specifications and literature for all the materials selected for the building project.
Clients are free to choose brands and items. In many cases, clients can even purchase material themselves from our suppliers (using our builder discounts) or
their own suppliers. We offer a wide selection on many items so you can be sure you’ll be getting what you want.
Will the builder help you select materials? This is important because you’ll be making dozens of decisions and may feel lost without help. We’re happy to help you review and select any material for which you require assistance.
Will the builder give you client references? Names of principal subcontractors and suppliers? Visit homes the builder has finished and talk with clients about their experiences with this builder, ideally without the builder around. Ask the clients if they feel like they got what they paid for and would work with this builder again. Ask the framer, lumber supplier, plumber, electrician, and heating and air conditioning contractor how long they have worked with this builder and what the builder’s payment history has been. We’re happy to provide you with a list of references, as well as a list of building projects currently underway so that you
can view homes at various stages of
How flexible is the builder with the budget and the bottom line price. Look for builders who will help you to identify ways to save money. Our approach is to partner with our clients in constructing the budget. We help you
identify ways to save money and create as much equity in your home as possible upon completion.
Are you comfortable with this builder, satisfied you’ll be able to communicate successfully and that the builder is enthusiastic about your project? When interviewing builders, look for a genuine interest in your needs and the project. Consider the amount of time the staff is willing to spend with you. Look for flexibility, responsiveness, creativity, and suggestions that reflect your interests and needs. Look for a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction and the project’s success. We love to build. We love to help our clients create and build the home of their dreams - a home that reflects the client’s personality and lifestyle. We take a personal interest in every client and every project. Our approach is one of collaboration and partnership. Our success has proven that this approach is the best approach.