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JB Church Builders

Church building is not just a job. It's a calling. A passion. It's meaningful and rewarding on a spiritual and community level. 


Our years of experience will work for you in creating a building plan that is both beautiful and functional. Our expertise includes master site planning, sanctuary and platform design, expansion and phasing techniques, education and administration layouts, starter church designs, and quality construction documents

We have developed a simple, step-by-step process for pastors and building committees to follow, serving as a guideline throughout all the architectural phases. From our first meeting to the final plans, to the completion of your project, our step-by-step approach is practical, easy to follow, and helps ensure that your dreams and goals are achieved

Our construction background and field experience are unique assets in the building process. Our construction superintendents are unquestionably the best in their field. They are detailed-oriented, methodical, and proactive. On the job, this translates into high-quality work, effective project management, accurate estimates and accounting, good relationships with contractors and positive community relations

Our construction management program has proven to be the most economical, non-adversarial way to build. Our construction team understands the intricacies of coordinating all aspects of a church project and we know how to work hand-in-hand with pastors and building committees. Most importantly, our team works closely with each church, helping to ensure that the project becomes a lasting testimony to local subcontractors and the community.

Planning Support

We can provide your church leadership with support during the initial planning phase of your project. We can help you determine what type and how much program space you will need based on your vision, mission, growth projects, schedule, and budget constraints. We will make recommendations for the highest and best use of your site and existing facilities. We can assist you in determining your congregation's financial capability based upon current lender guidelines, interest rates, and terms. We'll make practical building recommendations if the size and scope of your project, and resultant cost estimates, exceed what your congregation can afford. If relocation is required, we can assist you in the selection of a new site. 


Problem Solving


Our clients often turn to us for assistance and guidance when dealing with difficult situations. Oftentimes, internal differences in vision and direction prevent the building program from getting off the ground. In other cases, and this happens frequently, the initial cash outlay to architects have been significant, only to find that the preliminary building plans and costs are impractical and out-of-reach. We often find that, before we're contacted, initial bids obtained from our clients from general contractors and architects are 30% and 60% higher, respectively, than the costs actually should be. Sometimes, our client's attempts to get enough financing for the project had been unsuccessful.

Whatever is hindering you from accomplishing your goals, we can help you. Give us a call and we will be glad to talk with you about your particular situation.