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Precision Engineering

According to the USDA Forest Service, by the year 2010, 80% of new construction will incorporate engineered wood products and structural panelization.

Here's Why:

  • 43% savings in framing labor costs.
  • 37% faster than traditional stick building.
  • 77% less waste.
  • 16% savings in overall framing cost.
  • 40% shorter construction period, resulting in additional savings.
  • Superior quality, hand-picked kiln-dried lumber used in each engineere frame.
  • Effective strategy for dealing with labor shortages, financing and insurance costs.
  • Better reliability, more design flexibility, and no structural or repair problems.

State-of-the-Art Panelized Construction

When a new structure requires wood framing, we incorporate a precision, pre-engineered panelization process. Component construction, or panelization, involves fabricating your building's exterior and interior walls, roof trusses, and flooring systems within an environmentally controlled setting. We use advanced laser-guided tools that consistently provide exact square and plumb configurations for precision construction. We use state-of-the-art material handling and production systems. Lumber is handpicked, kiln dried, and defect-free to ensure quality products are used for your project. Wall panel heights and widths vary depending on your design and ceiling height requirements. Any building design and size can be accommodated from custom homes to retail, healthcare to towering church ceilings.

Craftsmanship through Engineering and Manufacturing

  • Our custom homes and commercial buildings are engineered structures. The moment a nail is driven into two boards, load transfers from one board to the other, so designing and engineering each structure is crucial;
  • Each wall, beam, and truss component is designed specifically for each building;
  • Each component location is defined, labeled, and numbered, allowing components to be easily installed in the field;
  • Loads go where they belong. No uneven floors, or windows and doors that don't close properly - no surprises!
  • Computer software engineering makes craftsmanship easy and gives you design flexibility;
  • Creation of quality components by our manufacturers involve computer-controlled saws, which make accurate compound cuts simple;
  • Component joints are fit together tightly in precision jigs.
  • Computer-controlled manufacturing results in faster setup times and efficient production.
  • Production continues day and night, providing consistent quality.
  • Material shortage delays are less likely, since the entire system is supplied in one package.
  • Components are fabricated to exact specifications, thus, reducing callbacks.
  • Components made with dry lumber are less likely to shrink, warp, and twist.


Our Capabilities:

  • Roof truss spans up to 80 feet;
  • Designer GluLams with open spans up to 100feet;
  • Floor trusses up to 60 feet; and
  • Wall panels up to 50-foot in length and 14 feet high.


  • Wall panels are built in a controlled environment on specialized equipment to ensure quality;
  • Placement Plans insure ease in layout and installation of panels;
  • Quality controls in place eliminate the use of substandard materials;
  • Structural members and bearing conditions are designed into Wall Panels;
  • Sheathing is applied in the factory, saving time in the field;
  • Repetitive motion injuries are reduced in the field;
  • Savings realized on skilled labor and workers compensation.

Comparison of field man-hours required for traditional stick framing versus panelized framing:

Man-Hours To Frame Walls on a 2,600 Square Foot Building.
Stick Frame - 93 Hours
Panelized - 26.5 Hours
Savings on Exteriors & Interior Walls - 66.5 Hours