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The Benefits of the Design/Build Approach

A collaboration that saves time and money, improves communication, and ensures a single point of responsibility. The Design/Build process utilizes a "team" approach involving you the client, civil engineers, planners, architects, and builders, all of whom work together from concept to completion.

In the past, the practice of hiring architects and general contractors separately didn't always result in optimum communication. This often lead to structural, material, cost, and time-frame conflicts. The design/build approach is intended to help you avoid the usual cost over-runs (which can be as much as 30%), and can threaten the success of a building program. The design/build approach is time-efficient, cost-effective, and avoids lengthy delays typically seen when an architect and general contractor are hired independently.

You'll benefit in many ways from the design/build process. There is reduced risk. Designers and builders work together with the common goal of designing and building within established budgets and parameters. As a result, projects are completed more quickly and with fewer surprises. Our construction estimators prepare and monitor your budget throughout the design and building process. With the traditional architect/general contractor linear process, you'll have to wait until your home plans are completed and the project is put out to bid before costs can be determined. If your home plans are resulting in construction costs that are over your budget, you're stuck with plans that you can't use or increased design expenses to modify the specifications. With the design/build approach, preliminary budgets can be prepared at the very beginning of the design process, and modified as the plans are nearing completion. This way you can control the design, materials, and the cost of your project.

Our design/build "team" approach ensures that


  • You will enjoy optimal communication among team members;
  • You will receive the most value for your dollar;
  • You will enjoy greater design flexibility;
  • You will benefit from lower construction costs; and
  • You will reduce your project timeframe from 6 to 8 months.

Throughout the planning, design, and construction phases, you will benefit from working with a single point of contact.

Generally, we provide the following services:

  • Construction management during the planning, design, engineering, bidding, and negotiating stages;
  • Cost analyses during the design phase;
  • Value engineering to ensure that you are getting the most for your money;
  • Coordination with your lenders or assistance to you in obtaining financing from our lenders;
  • Negotiating to obtain the lowest and best bids.
  • Management of all aspects of construction. We oversee project scheduling and coordination, quality  assurance, cost control, lien control, and all other contributing factors that impact the successful construction of your project.
  • Ensuring problems are addressed if any arise after the completion of your project. In doing so, we will contact the subcontractors and suppliers and have them return to the job to make the necessary repairs or replacements
  • Long after occupancy, we will ensure corrective warranty work is taken care of by the responsible prime trade contractors and manufacturers.